Royalty Pageant Information

Evergreen Rodeo Parade - Rodeo Royalty
Alex Hyland, Miss Rodeo Colorado 2018 at the Evergreen Rodeo Parade.

Contestant Information

Contestants compete during the month before the rodeo and are crowned during the rodeo performance on Father’s Day. Forms can be accessed through the buttons below.

Queen and Princess Pageant

TBD June at the El Pinal Rodeo Grounds in Evergreen, CO.

Contestants for Queen and Princess are judged in categories such as: personality, fashion and appearance, poise, etiquette, public speaking, personal interview, horsemanship skill, knowledge of rodeo and the submitted application and essay. This year’s competition will be held in June at the El Pinal Rodeo Grounds in Evergreen, CO. The contestants will also be judged at a pre-rodeo event and at the parade on the day of the rodeo.

Junior Princess Pageant

The Junior Princess title is designed to introduce young girls to the world of rodeo and to give them the confidence to pursue their future dreams of achieving a rodeo royalty title. During this 1-day pageant the young ladies are required to prepare and deliver a small essay to include who they are and why they want to be a rodeo princess. They will answer an impromptu questions on rodeo knowledge.

Community Relations

If you would like more information on the Evergreen Rodeo Royalty Program, or to have our Queen and Princess speak or volunteer for your school, business or community event please contact: Lauren Hladik, Evergreen Rodeo Royalty Coordinator.
[email protected]

Visiting Royalty

Please contact Lauren Hladik for information regarding visiting royalty.