The Evergreen Rodeo Royalty includes the Evergreen Rodeo Queen, the Evergreen Rodeo Princess and the Junior Princess. The Evergreen Rodeo Royalty serves as the official ambassadors and spokeswoman for the Evergreen Rodeo Association by recognizing the importance of promoting a positive image and awareness of rodeo while preserving our western heritage. It is our goal to represent the Evergreen Rodeo Association and the community at the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

The Evergreen Rodeo Royalty spends numerous hours volunteering for events throughout the year, starting with the National Western Stock Show and various community events throughout the state of Colorado. They volunteer several hundred hours promoting the community, local rodeos and rodeo events all over the state of Colorado and our own PRCA Rodeo on Father’s Day Weekend.


Contestant Information

Contestants compete during the month before the rodeo and are crowned during the rodeo performance on Father’s Day.

Queen and Princess Pageant

TBD May at the El Pinal Rodeo Grounds in Evergreen, CO. Contestant applications are due by May 1, 2022.

Contestants for Queen and Princess are judged in categories such as: personality, fashion and appearance, poise, etiquette, public speaking, personal interview, horsemanship skill, knowledge of rodeo and the submitted application and essay. This year’s competition will be held in May at the El Pinal Rodeo Grounds in Evergreen, CO. The contestants will also be judged at a pre-rodeo event and at the parade on the day of the rodeo.

Junior Princess Pageant

The Junior Princess title is designed to introduce young girls to the world of rodeo and to give them the confidence to pursue their future dreams of achieving a rodeo royalty title. During this 1-day pageant the young ladies are required to prepare and deliver a small essay to include who they are and why they want to be a rodeo princess. They will answer an impromptu questions on rodeo knowledge.

Community Relations

If you would like more information on the Evergreen Rodeo Royalty Program, or to have our Queen and Princess speak or volunteer for your school, business or community event please contact:

Lauren Hladik
Evergreen Rodeo Royalty Coordinator

Visiting Royalty: Please contact Lauren Hladik for information regarding visiting royalty.



Miss Evergreen Rodeo 2022 – Abbie Halley

Hi, my name is Abbie Halley! I am the 2020-2022 Miss Evergreen Rodeo! I am super excited that we are finally being able to go back to some normality and get back to rodeoing. This last year has definitely been a new learning curve and put a lot of our lives on hold. Even though we were fighting against COVID I still had the privilege to represent the western way of life and the sport of rodeo at some rodeos that were able to push through and uphold guidelines and hold their rodeos.

I am 21 years old and the youngest of four children, and all my siblings and myself have been active in raising livestock and being a part of the western way of life.  I have just currently graduated from Northeastern Junior College with an associate degree in Animal Science. For 3 out of the four semesters at college I was on the Dean’s or President’s list. This fall I will be continuing my education at Iowa State University to get my master’s in Animal Science to be able to become an extension agent to help the youth of agriculture grow and become great leaders and role models.

I love being an ambassador for the sport of rodeo, the western lifestyle, beliefs and community. I am very blessed to be part of an organization that cares so much about our sport and for all of the fans.  I am also very blessed to have my horse and be able to travel all over the state of Colorado with her representing my rodeo and heritage.

This upcoming Father’s Day weekend will be a fun and thrilling weekend. I can’t wait for everyone to come see some little kids ride some sheep. I also can’t wait to see all of the people that come out and support the rodeo at the parade on Saturday June 18th at 10A.M. I hope I get to see you all there, meet you, and give you my autograph sheet.

2022 Evergreen Rodeo Princess – Abigail Tibbits

Hello from your 2022 Evergreen Rodeo Princess, Abigail Tibbits! I am fifteen years old and a sophomore at Fountain Valley School of Colorado. Last year I earned a Summit Scholarship to attend this school and ride on their Equestrian Team. It is a unique place that allows me to ride each and every day and to participate in this sport all four seasons. For a pony crazy girl like me, it is heaven on Earth. I compete on both the hunt seat and western IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) teams. I currently ride varsity intermediate for over fences, flat, horsemanship and reining.  Trying to increase all my knowledge and skills in these disciplines keeps me busy to say the least! In the summer, I compete in the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association circuit and of course, travel all over Colorado attending rodeos.

I have been blessed with a family that is supportive of my passion and allows me to live out my dream. YOLO! You only live once and we enjoy the time spent on horseback, all the miles in the truck getting from place to place, and all the beautiful places we visit in our wonderful state of Colorado. This year I am super excited to represent this western way of life as Evergreen Rodeo Princess. I hope you will join me this Father’s Day Weekend and as always, long live Evergreen Rodeo!

2022 Evergreen Rodeo Jr. Princess – Molly Tibbits

Hello from your 2022 Evergreen Rodeo Jr. Princess, Molly Tibbits! I am twelve years old and a seventh grader at Falcon Middle School. This will be my first royalty reign and I am so excited to be a part of the rodeo. I enjoy EVERY aspect of owning a horse. (I guess I should say pony because I have two POAs.) Smores is my go-to, all around pony. He likes to jump and trail ride. I also do ranch riding and horsemanship on him. I am a member of both a hunt seat and western IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) team. I moved up to a novice rider this year in both ranch riding, horsemanship, and on the flat. I even got to attend Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio this year to attend an IEA show. I love that horses allow me to travel and have so many wonderful experiences and meet so many new friends. I am looking forward to traveling all over our beautiful state of Colorado to attend rodeos this year. Please help me celebrate our western way of life and join me on Father’s Day weekend for Evergreen Rodeo. Hope to see you there!

Past Evergreen Rodeo Queens

1947 Marjorie Snyder (Evergreen)
1948 Betty Thorne (Evergreen)
1949 Nancy Perry (Evergreen)
1950 Pat Fellows Crawfod (Harper) (Evergreen)
1951 Sharon Critchfield (Morrison)
1952 Pat Melton (Kittredge)
1967 Ann Anderson Peterson
1968 Judy Ann Wood (Warner)
1969 Pat Walke (Schneider)
1970 Sue Butler
1971 Pat Bell
1972 Nancy Pratt (Perkins)
1973 Kerrie Clark (Guy)
1974 Sandy Mellane
1975 Beth Ann Howard
1976 Martie MacDougall
1977 Cindy Hiett, Ann Hobbs
1978 Nancy Shelley Deans
1979 Kathleen Mack
1980 Stacie Rider
1981 Donna Brunton
Mrs. Nancy Hladik
1982 Leona Nolan Mayo
Mrs. Sandy Nolan
1983 Laurie Longo
Mrs. Laurie Miller
1984 Allison Braun
Mrs. Millie Axtell
1985 Michelle LeVar
1987 Lori Knapp
1988 Meghan Eaves
1990 Jami Quayl
1991 Frances Lawrence
1992 Sherri Lynn Smith
1993 Holly Jean Terry
1994 Gretchen Plumhoff
1995 Tammy Gunnerson
1996 Heather Puls
1997 Dianna Renee Smith
1998 Shannon Crapnell
1999 Aislynne Buchanan
2000 Shannon Acklin
2001 Rachel Morgan
2002 Sarah Galbraith
2003 Melissa Pfaff
2004 Jolene Mohr
2005 Tara Spiegel
2006 Andrea Osmond
2007 Whitney McDaniel
2008 Amanda Bodkin
2009 Emily Bowers
2010 Kari Reasoner (Peterson)
2011 Kailee Reddy (Morton)
2012 Rachael Patinella (Cravens)
2013 Kelly Arbogast
2014 Kirsten Peterson
2015 Sierra Knodle
2016 Lauren Hladik
2017 Sarah Vangi
2018 Bobbie Marshall
2019 Taylor Cave
2020-2022 Abbie Halley

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