Registering your parade entry is a TWO step process.

  1. 1. FILL OUT THE PARADE ENTRY FORM:OR, print a hard copy of the Parade Entry Form, complete, and mail to:
    Evergreen Rodeo Parade – P.O. Box 759, Evergreen, CO 80437.

Rodeo Parade Entries

You are not registered for the parade until you have completed both steps of this process.

Online Registration:  Be sure to scroll down through entire form to complete.  Don’t forget to click on the Submit button to finalize.

Register for the parade!

Your parade entry fee covers a walking group and/or two vehicles. Additional vehicles in the same group will be charged an additional entry fee.

Please be informative. (50-word limit)

For example, "16-foot trailer pulled by a pickup with 20 children, ages 10-15 and 4 adults walking with loud music playing."


Proof of Insurance Agreement and Liability Waiver: By submitting your Evergreen Rodeo Parade Registration Form, you agree to and acknowledge the Proof of Insurance Agreement and Liability Waiver Release and Waiver of Claims, as stipulated below. Proof of Insurance Agreement: You agree and acknowledge that all motorized vehicles participating in your entry will have insurance as required by Colorado law. Liability Waiver: Release and Waiver of Claims. In consideration of the right to participate in the The Evergreen Rodeo Parade, I, my organization, and any related participants or entrants, hereby release and discharge the Evergreen Rodeo Association, its officers, directors, employees and representatives, as well as their respective sponsors and representatives (including the City of Evergreen, Jefferson County, Colorado), of and from all claims, demands, causes or actions, damages, loss, and expenses of any kind or nature, including legal costs and attorney’s fees, which I have or may have in the future from any cause, known or unknown, or yet to occur, arising out of or relating to participation in the The Evergreen Rodeo Parade. *
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